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edBlog #5: The Featured Blog of the Week is….English Teacher Geek

This week with edBlog, I wanted to feature High School English Teacher blogs as the theme. Last week, I looked at Middle School blogs and next week will look at another subject area in High School.  If you have any ideas for Math, Science, or Social Studies teacher blogs make sure you let me know by commenting below or messaging me on Twitter.

I sent out several requests for suggestions, and received a lot of good recommendations this week, including a few about bloggers who are teaching English as a Second Language which I will run as a separate edBlog theme in future weeks.  For this week, I wanted to highlight just HS English Teacher’s using blogs for either their classroom, their professional development or as a combination of both.

The three blogs recommended by multiple readers this week include: Teacher Et cetera, The English Teacher’s Companion, and English Teacher Geek.

Congratulations to English Teacher Geek for being chosen as the edBlog of the week.

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar_ Your vs. You’re « English Teacher Geek

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