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edBLOG 12: The Featured Blog of the Week is….The Teaching Palette

The Teaching Palette | Perfecting the Art of Education

For the second week in a row, I looked at Arts in Education for my #edBLOG theme.  Last week The Inspired Classroom was the featured and this week we had three more fantastic blogs in the poll.———–

Congratulations to The Teaching Palette for being chosen by your peers as the edBlog of the week


If you are not already a regular reader of the featured blog, take a couple minutes to check out how you can support this wonderful edBlog.

Please support this blog by following the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to The Teaching Palette
  2. Read at least one of their recent posts
  3. Comment if you can – This takes time but helps get more in depth conversation going
  4. Retweet the edBlog when you see it come across the TwitterStream and share in other networks
  5. Send a tweet out congratulating @theresamcgee and @hilland for a blog well done


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