Getting Started with Twitter

Getting Started with Twitter

5 Easy Steps

Twitter is a microblog in which you post status messages, links to research, websites or whatever you think is interesting with people in your own personal network. My Personal Learning Network (pln) is made up of edtech and online teachers from around the world.  It has been my greatest source of learning in the last two-plus years.  You can also use twitter to find out whats going on in places.  Take the Iran Election for example.  Average people will post real time messages about what is happening in Iran that you can track if you follow that person on Twitter or simply search #iranelection (all one word and include hashtag).  You can use Twitter to communicate with friends, family, or follow celebrities if that’s your thing.  Its amazing how much information you come across in a day that you will want to share if you know people are listening.

1.  Go to and sign up.  Fill out your profile and make sure you add a clear headline/description and picture.  Click here for an excellent blog post that will highlight the importance of getting off to a good start.

2.  Then go to Find People up on the top bar.  Search mrplough07 and when the results pop up click Follow next to my name.  You will notice I follow about 290 people or so.  Each of them is in the edtech field except for an occasional reporter or website owner.

3.  To begin building a list of people with edtech interests, go through some of the people I follow.  Click on their name and look at their profile page.  I always look to the short bio at the top right which is their personal description.  If they are edtech-change agent-type people, I follow them.

4.  After you click on a few people and follow them, then go to Home and watch your Twitter stream.  Messages that the people you follow will come on the page.  The more you follow the more messages and the faster they will pop up.  Click on links and begin learning.

5.  Let me know if you have any questions.  When you sign up to follow me I will get a notice.  Please send me an email (or direct message in Twitter) with your username so that I can tell my edtech friends to welcome you to the community.

note:  I originally wrote this in a lesson for my grad school class but decided to put up here in case anyone else could use it.

Twitter Avatar, Colored Green to Support People of Iran in their Fight for Democracy, for pics click here

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