Audience Collaboration Preso at ISTE12

I have been presenting at ISTE/NECC since 2008 and have done a variety of different presentations. This year I decided to do a BYOD (bring your own device) session where my team and I shared how we use our favorite tools when working in different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. ¬†After we each took a turn sharing, we asked the audience for their favorite tools or apps in each specific category. ¬†While I moderated, Michelle and Amanda took notes and updated a Weebly website we created for this presentation.

I really enjoyed this highly interactive style of presentation. It definitely took some pressure off of me to carry the entire preso, but more importantly it allowed for collaboration. The audience collaborated with us to form our website, and my team collaborated well to balance a bunch of responsibilities simultaneously.

Thanks to my team, and thanks to our audience for making this #ISTE12 presentation so enjoyable.

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